Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Doot's Just Sitting on the Dock

Just a quick little video I made with a positive message.  I gone on and literally hit record.  Sitting there waiting for anyone else to get online LOL.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Quinn the Quick (Brief Bio)

Meet Quinn the Quick.  This young Asura was somewhat lacking in his bio-scientific transmogrification classes and decided to sneak into the lab after hours to prove himself to his professor.  The resulting accident changed his life.

Waking from the explosion, Quinn had believed his experiment a failure.

Later that afternoon, however, he realized it was much more successful the first thought.  In a truly disorienting experience, Quinn discovered he was no longer a "he," and indeed now had female parts!

Confounding this, under certain conditions, Quinn's found his gender swapped back - a disconcerting process that's difficulty in prediction causes even more confusion for the already gender-confused Asura.  Disgraced from his college, he's now forced to discover, on his/her own, exactly what triggers the transformation and how, if possible, to stabilize the process.

Whether girl-type or boy-type, Quinn has now resolved to being the very best Asura he/she can, regardless of the predicament.  Maybe the duality of the situation provides a bit more clarity than one restricted to the views of a certain gender?  Quinn's quest for answers and new insights into gender neutrality persist.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Anestra Drakynström (Brief Bio)

Presenting Anestra Drakynström.

Given literal meaning to the term "fiery," Drakynström has a hot temper, which was serendipitous to her profession of bounty hunter.  She began to garner a name for herself as a capable tracker; though a bit unorthodox.  Quite often she was successful in speedily acquiring her target.  However, while searching for an assignment in Bloodstone Fen, something happened to Drakynström and she returned with a seemingly nefarious addenda, of which little is known.  She was last seen venturing deeper into the northern Maguuma Wastes.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lexxie the Tinkerer (Brief Bio)

This is Lexxie the Tinkerer, younger sister to Nalla.  While Nalla was always the stalwart older sibling, Lexxie was always getting into trouble, with her insatiable curiosity.  She quickly developed an independence that would take her on journeys far away from home.  She found it incredibly easy to lend her remarkable engineering talents to other races, eventually catching the eye of a few Charr which she holds in dear regard.  However, things changed when she was summoned back to Rata Sum to partake in a mysterious experiment orchestrated by her old Krewmate, Kievva.  The results of said incident caused the young Asura's mind to come unhinged from it's once amazingly solid foundation, and while Lexxie is still a brilliant inventor, she has great difficulty staying on topic, expressing herself and general socializing.  Her mental issues notwithstanding, Lexxie is a sweetheart and outstanding behind a console, under a Charr mechanism, or working on holo matrices.  She arbors no ill will to what happened... since she sadly has no memory of the events.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nalla the Protector (Brief Bio)

This is Nalla the Protector, Lexxie's older sister.  She's an uncompromising straight-shooter that believes in the goodness of people.  However, the very foundation of those beliefs were shaken recently.  Not present during the 'incident,' which almost assuredly caused her younger sister's mental instability, Nalla blames Kievva (who orchestrated the whole thing).  Some simply do not care about the misfortune of others, stepping on those weaker to achieve their goals... This, Nalla cannot... will not allow!  She is currently on the hunt for the elusive vile Necromancer.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Brief BIO info

So, I'm going to try to jot down a Brief Bio for every one of my characters.  I think this will help me iron out who I want to deep-dive into, and how best to present the info about them.  I'm also doing this to present the multitude of characters I create their own quick personality profiles, so that when RPing, I can reference what I've already presented in their little bio.  (Basically, I gotta remember who's who!)  LOL.

My hope is that I can continue writing in-depth Bios of each character, as I've done with some of my other characters, but these Brief Bios will hold a quick snippet of their personality, motivation, and relationship to other characters if applicable...

If this works, I'll have all my characters presented here, and fill them out along the road.


Monday, March 5, 2018

Lexxie's Trip to the Library

This is just a fun little thing I did with some screenshots.  I haven't written a character bio about Lexxie the Tinkerer yet, but she's cute as a button, and I wanted to showcase her a little bit in this series of screenshots.  I added the word balloons rather than captioning it so that if I put these in other places, I won't need to do strange formatting and stuff to get the point across.  I love her reactions while in the library.  I remember this specific instance and just totally scrapping the mission, instead just taking tons of pictures.

Doot Presents
Lexxie's Trip to the Library:

Friday, February 23, 2018

Lunar New Year 2018 Festivities

So the Lunar New Year event came this year, and like most of the previous years, I was really not too enthused... (At first!)  I think it's something to do with the event coming a little too soon after Wintersday.  It's also a bit more lacking of events other than purchasing envelopes to try to save for a profit and raise magic find.  Something about this is terribly unappealing to me and I've staved off the holiday, for the most part, each year.

This year, however, they added a race around the decorated Divinity's Reach, and the addition of this singular event had me really enjoying my time there for the duration of the holiday.  Below are a few videos I was inspired to make showcasing the festivities and some pictures I took before / after the event.  While I don't plan to showcase this every year, I really did have fun with the races and the video was a really fun way for me to show a little enthusiasm for a time when it, otherwise, would have been extremely lonely.

Through the course of this event and making these videos I came across a few kindred souls, and I've since joined a guild that seems like a pretty caring and fun group of people.  These videos and pictures will always serve as a reminder of taking a step forward, putting yourself out there and have confidence to try new things.  (Hence the inspirational song choice!)

This probably took me 10 times to reset and refilm.  There's an invisible barrier at the turn right above the Queen's Pavilion that you will crash into if you don't time it exactly right.  After I got through that turn, all the rest here is completely improvised. :P

I tried several times to record a "Winning Race," unfortunately, you have to be on the ball with getting there, getting your mount ready, getting the recording going, and starting the music...

Wanna guess which one I am?  HINT: It's the sparkley bright-blue sand doggy with an Asura wearing bunny ears on top. :)

I'm on top of the World!!!  (well, on the top of Divinity's Reach, anyway.  Below is a shot of where I was...
What they don't tell you is the top steeple is fake.  You literally go right through it and fall into a pit that's quite difficult to get out from.

And with that, Divinity's Reach was cleaned up, no trace of the festival left.  It was really kinda sad.  For a month of logging in, doing races, popping fireworks, buying envelopes to just log on and it's empty and gone... /cry


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Under the stars...

Almost assuredly, this will come across as a gushy, mushy recollection... And, you know what?  I don't care!  Sure, the Asuran side of me wants to be non-emotionally techno-babbly, astute with observations about location, ambient creatures, temperature and architecture; but, the Dott side of me wants to simply enjoy the moment and ignore the impulse to self-analyse my feelings.  Thus, I'll try to get this out without crying.  Oh, but they're tears of joy!  Not heartache (there's enough of that in this world to go around!)

"I have something to show you," he said.  "Meet me at the portal to the Mists."  Already, my interest was peaked - and not just because my young Asuran prize was such a cutie, but he has already genuinely showed me so much more of Tyria than I experienced on my own.  Granted, my own studies into the Mists had taken me away from exploration, but with this gentleman by my side, I really enjoyed traversing the lands and seeing new sights.  I suppose it's just better when you're with someone you love, no?

Happy Valentine's Day 2018!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Demitra Naja Nyimah

Character Name: Demitra Naja Nyimah

Race: Human

Region: Elona

Gender: Female

Profession: Mirage

Apparent age: 28

Hair: Thick & free-flowing; Auburn to Dark Brown.  She generally never puts her hair up, nor deviates from a relaxed style.  Her hair parts naturally and seems as though she may have spent an exorbitant amount of time on it, although it's a completely natural look.

Skin: Ranges from a deep amber to an almost golden sheen in certain lighting.

Eyes: Bright vivid emerald eyes which they seem to glow as they reflect light.

Appearance details: Permanently stained patterns adorn her lower half. (Henna-like)  Ritualistic in nature, to those that don't know, they simply have the appearance of soft brown tattoos.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: "Lyssa may be many things, come in many forms and fight on many sides... To truly know her, one must embrace this chaos."

OOC Intro:
Demita Naja Nyimah was my beta character when the GW2 Path of Fire expansion came out.  I knew instantly I had created something special.  During all the test playthroughs that followed - and while others were actually playing the game :P - I was perfecting her looks and really falling in love with this character.  I knew from the get-go I wanted her to be a Mirage, but since I've always found Mesmer gameplay pretty challenging, and I definitely don't think of my only other Mesmer a "go-to character," I was really worried jumping into a character like this one: Someone whom I adored the look of, but really didn't do good with playing her.  That said, I used the few opportunities we were given before PoF was released to truly hone my skills as a Mirage.  I worked on her traits and build and weapon combinations for many hours until I finally came up with a skillset and build and rotation I was really excited about.  I've never been into build craft, but this character's looks and story really drove me to do so.  Ironic that a toon character drives a RL player to train :)   Upon getting into PoF and creating Nyimah, the training definitely paid off!  This is the character I took through the story in it's entirety, and I loved every minute of playing her!  In retrospect, taking a character whose roots are based in Elona through a story that's constantly reminding you that you "are the commander that took down two elder dragons already" does kinda break the immersion I would have if I played one of my older characters, but I just sorta thought to myself that maybe one of my other characters is there alongside her - and Nyimah is there as a guide?  I don't know... I really wish the devs would have put something like this into consideration.  I'm sure alot of people are making Elona-born characters to take through this xpac.  Either way, I suppose we can all justify it in our own ways, and it definitely didn't deter me too much from enjoying the story and playing one of my new favorite characters & classes.

RolePlay Brief Story:

-------- Awoken -------- 
Once when I was young, my mother laid down her restless child for the night sleep.  Having no intent of slumber, I requested a tale.  No stranger to stories, my mother ritualistically placed a shade over the lantern and filled my small mind with dreams too unfathomable to be untrue.  Gods and Goddesses battling for power, with the fate of Elona in the balance; heroes sacrificing their very being to rise up and combat those powers - further still becoming that which they fought in effort to keep the very magic from breaking our world apart.  Wide-eyed excitement eventually gave way to the moon's sleep magic and I slept deep to the rhythmic melody of my mother's lore.  It was the last time I would hear her lovely voice; quite possibly the last time I've let sleep take me so strongly with its embrace.  I was suddenly jolted from the dreamland and whisked away by a panicked neighbor.  Hoisted over his shoulder, I watched as our village burned to the ground.  I remember being so overcome with shock, I did not cry, enthralled by the burning embers which were once our home.  My family perished that horrid night, and unbeknownst to me, so did my innocence.
I then caught the gaze of the beings which caused the devastation upon an overlooking mound.  Palawa Joko, the self-proclaimed god-king and his awakened minions watched our village flee in terror.  I would later discover our destruction was a political message; a tactic to spread his reach of power through fear and promote loyalty.  I cared nothing of this as a child... I simply understood this to be a wicked, cruel, inhumane act.  Moreover, rather than fear, I remember feeling resolute in that moment, with a clarity that only comes from such an encounter.  With everything in my being, I would become one of the heroes in my mother's stories; I would rise up against my parent's killer and make him pay for their deaths. 
At least... that was my aspiration.

-------- The Gift -------- 
As imperceptible as it may have been to most, the Djinn smiled a lipless shriveled grin; my mentor was pleased.  With two right arms it gestured to a chest, which swirled with sands into existence on a nearby platform.
"You are far from all the lessons you must learn, my pupil.  But my teachings to you of such desert deceptions must now come to a conclusion, for the art of creating such illusions cannot be truly tested on one whom knows the craft," my master explained. 
I stood from my kneel, approached the chest and opened it.  Indigo dyed gossamer lining surrounded two intricate finger-less gloves, affixed to golden blades running alongside the length, attached with leather straps.  I smiled and accepted the gift carefully sliding my hand into each.  My fingers extended through the tips, and upon fastening the straps onto my arms, my digits each glowed a brilliant sparkling azure.  New bracers adorned, I proudly turned around to see dust in the wind where my mentor had been.  And again, I found myself alone. 

-------- The Sacrifice -------- 
The crystalline structure of the beast's arms penetrated me.  I flew backward from the assault, slamming into the dune behind.  Warm blood poured forth from my wound, ensuring it would be a fatal gash.  I prepared for the inevitable end; the solace of my clones finishing the beast brought satisfaction and I smiled a bloody grin.  I had decimated Kralkatoric's advancing army of branded minions, thereby stopping them from invading the small village, and perhaps stopping a child from loosing her family.  As I closed my eyes, I heard my mother's voice tell me a story.
"Once, long before you were born, there was a village in Vabbi.  This village lived under the guise of protection from the god-king, Palawa Joko.  The god-king promised their afterlife would be claimed and sentenced to servitude of his agenda.  The people of the village knew that to be truly free in life, and death, they must rise up against their oppressor.  Thus, did they form a guild of heroes to fight... But the heroes perished, becoming undead servants of Joko.  As penance, Joko went to each settlement and claimed those who would be defiant to an early sentence of undead slavery.  The last village Joko came upon had a plan, however: As the god-king approached, he was presented with a beautiful young girl; the most alluring woman he had seen in some time.  Joko accepted the gift, claiming the girl as one of his brides - and in so doing - spared the town.  Much later, there are tributes that are still given to the god-king as concubines which spare the town's inhabitants..." 
My mother's voice merged with the storyteller's as I fought the warm familiarity of nostalgia.  I opened my eyes to see a stunning young woman dressing my wound.  She smiled brilliantly, spoke in soft melody, and had the most gentile touch.  Her alluring eye winked as she saw my stare; I, in turned, blushed.  I'd never felt my heart beat so fast as it did when she told me her name, 'Valandra'.
We spoke much over the course of my rehabilitation.  Her village was a comparatively poor community on the outskirts of Vabbi and healers were hard-pressed to find.  There were traveling caravans which brought medical supplies to the region, but my unexpected arrival came at a time coinciding with  Kralkatoric's branded minions cutting off supply.  Thus, it took a great while for my wounds to finally heal.  Valandra was my motivation for recovery: I'd grown fond of the woman, and she of me.  Each morning I would awake to her fragrance and each night I peacefully rested as her songs lured me to slumber.  I found, for the first time in my life, my quest didn't dominate my thoughts, instead preoccupied with Valandra.  Eventually casual flirtation gave way to a much deeper relationship, and we gave into our love for one another.
It was only after my wound was almost completely healed, and many nights in her arms, that she shared her future fate; one I had assumed was a afflicted dream... She was to be sacrificed for her people.  My heart - so alive for the first time in my life - stopped.  Shock and distress gave way to anger thinking the tyrant Joko again threatened to destroy my peace, my life, my heart.  I vowed not to let it happen again!
Over the course of the next few months, I formulated a plan; one which I believed my dear love would be most happy to execute, for it meant she would not have to sacrifice herself.  Using my powers of illusion, I would allow Joko's men to retrieve a replica of Valandra.  I could maintain this illusion while she spirited away, and when the clone reached a sizable distance, it would subtly disappear.  The awakened abductors would report to Joko that the maiden escaped and Joko would be unaware the village hadn't properly complied.  Valandra would be the sacrifice without actually becoming part of the madman's harem. 
One night as we lay together, I explained the plan to my lover.  What followed was unexpected: she refused to playing her part in the subterfuge.  She explained she had been raised to understand her lot in life; was consigned to it.  While her feelings for me allowed for something she hadn't known before, she would not let it detract from her sworn duty to her people.  Needless-to-say, we argued (at length!)  Tears were shed, voices raised, professions of love surfaced... But, it was all for nothing.  Her mind was solidified; she would not put her village in jeopardy for her own freedom.
But I would... and did.

The morning of usurpation had come.  She awoke with a resoluteness that I would have been proud of, had the situation been different.  Our tears had already been shed, last passions exchanged.  Valandra thought all that was left to do was to await her captors.  Her abductor, however, was me.  I wrapped my arms around her, whispering an incantation of sweet confusion.  Whisking her away from the village, I left behind a clone which I could control from some distance.  It would appear to the awakened that she was stoic and detached, as one would be in the situation.  My plan would have worked perfectly... if only Joko had sent a detachment and not personally arrived to claim his prize.
The village's screams froze me and snapped Valandra from the spell, awakened to the sounds of her village burning and being slaughtered.  A horrified shriek of pain, anger, disgust and heartbreak came from the woman I love, and in that moment, I was a small child again: reliving the pain of my own village's death.  What had I done?
My attempt to hold her back from the chaos of the scene was pointless.  I honestly don't know if I tried or if I gave into the guilt I felt for my selfish, arrogant act.  Valandra fought me, both physically and with expletives that cut deeper than a blade ever could.  She felled me with a blow to my tender bruised flesh, and I sorrowfully, embarrassingly, shamefully sobbed as she ran back into the destruction..
I discovered later that she had ventured back into the village and successfully brokered a deal with the monster, exchanging her body, soul, and afterlife for a cease on the village's desecration.  I know not of her current whereabouts, other than the inner sanctum of the bone palace, where she's undoubtedly desecrated, herself.  My heart breaks to think of the torment she's forced to endure.  I often find myself longing to rescue her from the fate she sealed, but in so doing, would it again lead to the countless deaths she's sacrificed herself to protect?  Would I even be welcomed by my dear heart?  This pondering keeps me from accepting the moon's sleep magic, and I'm forced to return my thoughts to taking down the monster which wrought destitution on so many, feasting on the heartbreak of Elona.
I know not if my future brings me to be a hero which rises up against the Scourge of Vabbi, self-proclaimed god-king, Palawa Joko...
But for all those I have lost... For all the pain he's left in his wake...
I shall try.

Recent history:
With the arrival of Tyrians and Balthazzar to Elona, Nyimah has found herself caught up in the whirlwind of events.  First as an ambassador to the arrivals, then as an ally to those seeking to stop the god of war's wrath.  How much of a role Demitra Naja Nyimah will eventually play in facing the god remains to be seen.  Her hopes, however, is that by helping stop the God of War, Palawa Joko will be next. 

Upon a recent excursion, Demitra learned during a particularly harrowing act of self-preservation, that her bracers could be clanged together to summon a Djinn spirit.  This spirit would conform to whatever the situation demanded, in the form of a mountable beast.  Since there have been multiple outlander Tyrians taming riding animals recently, it seems the Djinn spirit enjoys taking their form.  It brought joy to her heart the first time she mounted the manifestation of swirling sand, accepting the gift from her long-since mentor.  
note: I may go back and write a chapter about this event, but for now a synopsis will work.

Demitra Naja Nyimah is very well spoken for one that doesn't speak all too often.  When she does speak, it would not take someone much effort to imagine her as a leader.  Yet, she's gathered a more reserved demeanor from her times with the Djinn.  Upon meeting her, most would peg Demitra as an upper class royalty, given her general appearance and poise.  If she were to ever attempt it, she could easily pass for a court member or countess with little effort.  She is very resolute in her goals and is very difficult to deter when her mind is made up, although she reflects on her actions quite often in effort to better herself.  This does lead to quite a bit of introspective regret, however, and it's difficult for her not to judge herself on past indiscretions.  Objectively, she can seem a bit cold to others, as her thought process tends to be more practical and methodical than based on feelings.  Yet, her past has shown that such passions can lead her down a compromised path which she would justify as being rational, eventually analyzing her decisions as emotional - but only after the fact.

Notable relationships:
No stranger to romance, Nyimah has had her share of flings.  However, nothing more than casual encounters had ever held feelings, until she met Valandra.  After all that's happened however, she suffers from not having someone to confide in now, and finds it extremely difficult to open up to unknown companions.

Favored alcoholic beverage:
Wine of any type.  A glass or a flask will suit her just fine, as long as a frost spell be cast on it first.  A summer night with a blanket of stars overhead with a nice sipping beverage is most enjoyable.  Flying on illusionary wings after a few beverages in the Elonian sky is a particularly exhilarating experience, although, you probably shouldn't drink & fly.

Favored food: Amnoon's cooks are particularly favored (specifically for their house special soup).  There's also an amazingly tasty rock gazelle stew from Vabbi's chef in Seborhin that is wonderful - though it is somewhat tough if not prepared properly. :P

Favored weather or season: Summer nights in Vabbi are particularly intoxicating to her; laying to watch the stars fade into through the night's dark curtain memorizes her.  For a few moments, she can set aside the horribleness of the world and know that something amazingly beautiful beyond it exists.

Favored color: Purple / Pink / Gold / Brown

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wintersday 2017 Festivities

This year some changes took Divinity's Reach by (snow) storm!  In addition to the normal quadrant of DR with a Wintersday makeover theme, it extended into the entrance and up to the normal Crown Pavilion area!  This means that this year we had 25-30% shrouded in snow and candy canes!

Crown Pavilion: It's where the magic happens.

There's a whole lot more of Divinity's Reach covered in snow!

Also a makeover to the interface with events being grouped differently really helped those achievement hunters, and - more importantly - weapon achievement completion a whole lot easier to keep track of!  Furthermore, there were new ways to do the jumping puzzle, which meant that for the FIRST TIME since Wintersday in GW2, I could actually COMPLETE IT!!!!  WOOT!

I decided to fire up the screen recorder to record my Jumping Puzzle prowess (or lack thereof!).
So, this is literally the first time I've gotten this far, and you can sorta understand my reaction from the perfect timing of events...

As with other years, I themed some characters and also, since PoF introed mounts, I was able to recolor some of them to become my own Candy Cane Brigade (patent pending) :P  I've been taking pics since Wintersday began and below are a few of my favorites from 2017's event.  Enjoy!

"Look at all the fun things to jump on, Mr. Hoppy!"

"Whaddya mean you don't wanna be a Candy Cane Griffon? Don't be a Grouchy Grenth!"

As with every other year, I held a secret contest and gave prizes to the best holiday dressed.  Was there an official announcement?  Were there entry criteria?  Did the contestants even know they were entering?  NOPE!  This is Doot's secret secret Santa Contest!  Anywho, here's are a few of the winners.  I didn't want to capture their names or give mentions to them, cause that's not what this contest is about.  It's just something I do and give a little surprise to people in their mailboxes.

I don't know why I haven't seen this Nightmare armor dyed like this before, but wow! and the addition of her blindfold which looks like a snowflake totally won me over!

This dude was rockin some silver and red with armor that really worked for me.  This is the only person with a santa hat I found on Wintersday patch launch day.  So... #ArbitraryDootWinner :)

This lovely present girly was the very first person I saw dressed for Wintersday, a few days before the patch went live.  It's a really cute look with the scarf and earmuffs.  Very, "I'm going to kill you, but stay warm doing so!"


I took my Wintersday bunny once out of the DR festivities and felt so completely out of place in Elona that I went back and stayed in DR for the rest of the year.  I know it's kinda strange, but having one character dedicated to the area seems like it totally fits me...

Until I dressed up another :P
Sylvari can look cute and sexy too, you know!  (and apparently walk on air :P)

All-in-all, I really really enjoyed this holiday season and I look forward to next year!!!

Also, I decided to down a few drinks this year and couldn't effing stop laughing at my character's response.  I'll be posting that video soon...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Zirina Shadowborn

Character Name: Zirina Shadowborn
Race: Sylvari
Gender: Female

Profession: Necromancer / Reaper / Scourge
Apparent age: 19

Hair / Leaves / Flower: Ranges depending on the season. Generally, during the day it's percieved as white.

Skin: White bark, with mahogany edges and some evergreen scarcely sprinkled.

Eyes: Hazel to a blue-tented silver in the light.

Appearance details: Bio-Luminescence: Deep gold to bright vivid yellow.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: With the realization of Modremoth, she no longer puts as much faith into the Pale Tree. Whatever her beliefs, she is Sylvari, and as such has much loyalty to her species.

OOC Intro:
A Necromancer was like the third character I made, a little Asura named Kievva, and while I loved her character, not much was appealing to me as far as gameplay with any future Necros.  Thus, I had a plethora of other classes and only one Necro.  While Heart of Thorns surfaced and expanded on the class as a Reaper, I still wasn't poised to create another one.  In the first Guild Wars, I was a 'minion master' and never really found that gameplay in GW2, and even with Reaper's greatsword, I still didn't recapture the feelings I had from the class in the first game.  When Path of Fire came along and introed the Scourge, I thought of it as one of my least favorite classes.  Still, I took my original Asuran Necro out into the desert and maxed out the Elite for Scourge.  After playing this for a time, I really began enjoying myself, and further still, I enjoyed having my little minions running around while giving myself a bit more to do than simply going into a Death Shroud.  I also found that being a Necro simply was easier for me to play.  While I don't shy away from a challenge, I really just breezed through the desert with my Asura, so I decided to roll another one.  I'd toyed around with the idea of having an ebony bark type of Sylvari, but I quickly steered away from that since I've seem alot of those type in game: the freaky looking Sylvari with dark skin, green glows, and mohawks and such.  Instead, I wanted to go for a brighter Sylvari with some distinctive glows.  Her skintone could be contrasted to a darker wardrobe, and with her being slightly colorless, alot of different customization and dyes could be done to accommodate that menacing look, if desired.  After a time in the wardrobe, I found a desired outfit - one that required me to do quite a bit of collection & gathering, but I think her final look was worth it.  And in pursuit of this goal, I came up with a brief story describing a point of time in her life which greatly affected her below. 

RolePlay Brief Story:

As a young sapling, I recall hearing a lovely hymn sung; whether by Sylvari or originating from another race, it spoke of standing your ground during turbulent times.  But, as the jungle dragon destroyed our invasion force, I find it difficult to recall this message.  I awoke to find my companions in disarray, most lay dead or dying.  Normally unshaken by such things, this sight uprooted my confidence.  Their fragile bodies lay mangled, burned, torn asunder.  These were the Pact officers I had served with for several cycles, now all dead.  In this realization, however, I took solace: they were now empty vessels.  While I would later mourn their passing, they had indeed passed.  And they would again become my allies, in death.


The battle had ended, and we were much closer to our objective than I believe any of us could surmise.  My companions again banded around the lit fire as we made ready for night.  My bio-luminescent glow illuminated the area around me, a few body lengths away from the camp.  They wouldn't say it, but I know the members of our party preferred it this way: whether from the smell or looks of the undead creature I had resurrected in the battle.  I laugh at their misconstrued perceptions.  This abomination saved them twice in our last encounter with the mordrem.  They honestly have less to fear from this revived mass of flesh than they do me: for as we grow ever closer, I hear Mordremoth's call; his voice beckoning me to become one of his corrupted.  I stare at the putrid goliath as it stares back at me, awaiting an order to attack or to release it to oblivion.  I do neither, instead ordering it to lay down with me.  I accept its cold embrace and allow it to dim my light, forcing me into the darkness... where I'm at home.


It happened close to our location: the jungle dragon's demise.  It was not my party.  It would later be discovered we were on the very wrong path, but close enough for me to finally succumb to Mordremoth's taunts.  Our group was just taking out the last of a scouting party, when the dragon's chants grew so loud, so empowering, I let him take me.  It was an act of ecstasy, excitement, and joy to know my creator, let him touch something in me I had long before denied and stifled.  But the act I committed; the atrocities performed... those were like watching a play.  The really disturbing thing is that I can't be for certain it was a tragic play... I remember laughing as I did it.

"Fear not this night, you will not go astray," the minstrels sing... Fear is what I know; fear is what I have become.  I went astray, and I can not be certain if I have or will ever return from the dark abyss where I feel so comfortably at home.

Having awoken during the Cycle of the Day, it's unknown to her why Zirina prefers the night.  Maybe its the paths she's chosen during her journies that have caused this familiarity with the cold darkness of night, but she feels at peace while most others slumber.  Growing up, Zirina pursed a passion of knowledge and joined the Priory at first chance.  It was here she began studying her craft and secretly met with forbidden teachers of the dark arts in her pursuit.

Recent history:
Having tried to put the past behind her, Zirina traveled to Elona to join parties in pursuit of the human god, Balthazar.  While no interest in the affairs of her human compatriots, she recognizes the threat to all existence... And while a world of the dead would be highly enjoyable, the utter obliteration of the world is intolerable.

Personality & Relationships:
As introverted as she is, Zirina surrounds herself with companions - and not just the dead.  While this may have a more deeply rooted need for living companionship, most that travel among her believe they are simply ammunition of fresh corpses for her minion reserves.  Zirina, herself, is unaware of any specific longing for living interaction, but does note that she winds up in traveling parties despite her love of solidarity.  This often manifests itself in verbal altercations with anyone she finds herself on solid grounds with.  Very blatantly, she pushes those around her just to the point of disgust, disdain or anger, but not so far that they disassociate themselves.  However, since the jungle dragon's influence, she seems to have grown distant from those not in her horde, and genuinely doesn't caring if she has completely destroyed relationships with her offensiveness and off-putting personality.  Perhaps subconsciously, her self-destructive loneliness is penance for past sins.

Favored beverage & food:
While she's aware that most races enjoy alcoholic beverages and food, she takes no pleasure in consumption of anything she sustenance she must have to sustain herself.  Again, it seems that self-loathing has robbed her from this simple pleasure.

Favored weather or season: When the night invades the light and a cool wisp of winter chill is in the air, Zirina seems to thrive.  She would never admit this, of course - and be offended if it was mentioned - but her vivid yellow bio-luminescence glows brightest during this season.

Favored color: brown / pale yellows / muted greens


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DOOTS 2nd Annual Super Birfday Bash Blowout of the Year! (6-21-17)

So last year I had a crazy birthday party, which like 20 people (and even a dev) showed up to.  We danced, jumped around, played with a few festive activity boxes & ended the long night with a naked beach party.  [link to last year's party]

For this year, I decided to make a couple of videos to promote the event.  The first is simply done with music; the second I tried to do a little bit of voice-over.  Be kind, I've never done this sorta thing before! (obviously watch with sound on! :P )

So, I really wasn't sure what to expect and how many should show, but I wanted to accommodate people who did show up and give them a little treat.  I began by scouting the guild hall and quickly realized that there were some places people hadn't even seen.  I found an area that would be perfect: a little lost lagoon in the upper corner of the map.  Getting there, however, was an adventure all to itself:  Apparently, the developers had closed off the area and only allowed access to it by doing some crazy maneuvering, in what seems like a pretty ill-conceived jumping puzzle.  After finally accessing the area, I went about finding a quicker way to get there.

Enter Oakheart's Essence.  The new map, Draconis Mons, allows for quick exploration by obtaining a mastery and activating an "Oakheart's Essence" node.  This gives the user a grapple gun (so to speak), allowing them to launch their characters into the air and get very high.  When I learned this ability could be used in the guild hall, I was super excited!  However, the node must exist in the guild hall, and our guild leader (who usually does the decorating) has been away from GW2.

Left to my own devices, I began research.  Apparently, I needed to create an Oakheart's Essence node, of which I had no clue how to do.  While I may not have superior research skills for crafting stuff / how to obtain stuff in this game (crafting things generally gives me migraines), I was able to find that 25 flowers from this new map allows a player to buy a node.  I farmed the map, bought the object, then feverishly went to the guild hall... Then I stood there.  How was one supposed to even place the node down?  It was in my inventory, but I couldn't do anything with it!

Frustratingly not finding much information online (perhaps I just don't know where to look since I've never really done any decoration), I began talking to each and every vendor in the guild hall.  I discovered there's one vendor which allows a player to donate the currency - in this case simply called "Oakheart's Essence" - to buy an "Oakheart's Essence."  Seriously?  These things are named exactly the same, and have the same icon and are virtually indistinguishable.  Maybe I should have added the word, "node" to my search or "guild decoration"?  I don't know.  Either way, I found the guy!  I bought the node!  And then... nothing.  I stood there.  What the hell was I supposed to do now?  I got the flowers, bought the thing, used the thing for the decoration thing.  Now what?

Well, duh!  I have to place it!  But how?  I've never decorated anything in this game in my life.  I began my research.  Unfortunately, all information I found was about how to decorate, where to place things, how to build certain things, etc... Nothing actually showed HOW to get into the placement interface.  I was sooooo close, but I simply couldn't find anything that actually explained how to get the interface up I was seeing in videos of people building things online.  I checked my rank, thinking I simply didn't have rights.  Nope!  As an officer, I have the ability to add / remove decorations in the guild hall, but how to get the damn interface up?!?  Frustrated, I asked around in map chat in Lion's Arch.  For a game that prides itself on a friendly community, this was simply not a good example.  Finally, someone from the guild got online and I was able to ask a fellow guildmate!  However, there was a miscommunication and I got an explanation of how to purchase the currency from the map vendor. /facepalm  Again, after some time, it was explained to me how to actually go into "Decoration" mode and I was all set!

I began by placing a node right when you show up in the guild hall.  This would allow members to quickly jump to the bank or to the tavern, etc... quickly.  Then after placing it here, I decided to go back and farm some more flowers for an additional node near my little corner of the map.  This allowed anyone to access what I began to think of as "Doot's Lagoon," where the party was to be held.  Finally, I began to decorate the area, adding diving platforms, balloons and an additional two nodes (one of which was donated by a fellow guildmate).  All of this took place over the course of a week and when I was finally finished, I lit up the way with a line of floating lanterns which guild members could follow to access the hidden area.

I've since built a mini jumping puzzle for those without the mastery to obtain access to Doot's Lagoon and have decided to leave the area decorated through the summer.  I've been thinking about hosting a RP event there, which I may do in the coming months.  All-in-all, even though there wasn't alot of people that showed up, I really enjoyed playing in the area with the people that did and look forward to further playing around with object placement in the guild hall.  [note: since this post, I've removed all customizations and decorations at the request of the guild leader]

Also, before the party started, I took the time to place 11 wagons throughout the guild hall, limited to the left side of the map.  I held a contest for attendees of the party to take screenshots with every wagon.  This turned out to be a tremendous success and all those involved simply love it!  I awarded the winner with a pair of shades from the gemstore.  I may well be doing this sort of scavenger hunt type of event in the future. [Click here to reveal all wagon locations]