Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DOOTS 2nd Annual Super Birfday Bash Blowout of the Year! (6-21-17)

So last year I had a crazy birthday party, which like 20 people (and even a dev) showed up to.  We danced, jumped around, played with a few festive activity boxes & ended the long night with a naked beach party.  [link to last year's party]

For this year, I decided to make a couple of videos to promote the event.  The first is simply done with music; the second I tried to do a little bit of voice-over.  Be kind, I've never done this sorta thing before! (obviously watch with sound on! :P )

So, I really wasn't sure what to expect and how many should show, but I wanted to accommodate people who did show up and give them a little treat.  I began by scouting the guild hall and quickly realized that there were some places people hadn't even seen.  I found an area that would be perfect: a little lost lagoon in the upper corner of the map.  Getting there, however, was an adventure all to itself:  Apparently, the developers had closed off the area and only allowed access to it by doing some crazy maneuvering, in what seems like a pretty ill-conceived jumping puzzle.  After finally accessing the area, I went about finding a quicker way to get there.

Enter Oakheart's Essence.  The new map, Draconis Mons, allows for quick exploration by obtaining a mastery and activating an "Oakheart's Essence" node.  This gives the user a grapple gun (so to speak), allowing them to launch their characters into the air and get very high.  When I learned this ability could be used in the guild hall, I was super excited!  However, the node must exist in the guild hall, and our guild leader (who usually does the decorating) has been away from GW2.

Left to my own devices, I began research.  Apparently, I needed to create an Oakheart's Essence node, of which I had no clue how to do.  While I may not have superior research skills for crafting stuff / how to obtain stuff in this game (crafting things generally gives me migraines), I was able to find that 25 flowers from this new map allows a player to buy a node.  I farmed the map, bought the object, then feverishly went to the guild hall... Then I stood there.  How was one supposed to even place the node down?  It was in my inventory, but I couldn't do anything with it!

Frustratingly not finding much information online (perhaps I just don't know where to look since I've never really done any decoration), I began talking to each and every vendor in the guild hall.  I discovered there's one vendor which allows a player to donate the currency - in this case simply called "Oakheart's Essence" - to buy an "Oakheart's Essence."  Seriously?  These things are named exactly the same, and have the same icon and are virtually indistinguishable.  Maybe I should have added the word, "node" to my search or "guild decoration"?  I don't know.  Either way, I found the guy!  I bought the node!  And then... nothing.  I stood there.  What the hell was I supposed to do now?  I got the flowers, bought the thing, used the thing for the decoration thing.  Now what?

Well, duh!  I have to place it!  But how?  I've never decorated anything in this game in my life.  I began my research.  Unfortunately, all information I found was about how to decorate, where to place things, how to build certain things, etc... Nothing actually showed HOW to get into the placement interface.  I was sooooo close, but I simply couldn't find anything that actually explained how to get the interface up I was seeing in videos of people building things online.  I checked my rank, thinking I simply didn't have rights.  Nope!  As an officer, I have the ability to add / remove decorations in the guild hall, but how to get the damn interface up?!?  Frustrated, I asked around in map chat in Lion's Arch.  For a game that prides itself on a friendly community, this was simply not a good example.  Finally, someone from the guild got online and I was able to ask a fellow guildmate!  However, there was a miscommunication and I got an explanation of how to purchase the currency from the map vendor. /facepalm  Again, after some time, it was explained to me how to actually go into "Decoration" mode and I was all set!

I began by placing a node right when you show up in the guild hall.  This would allow members to quickly jump to the bank or to the tavern, etc... quickly.  Then after placing it here, I decided to go back and farm some more flowers for an additional node near my little corner of the map.  This allowed anyone to access what I began to think of as "Doot's Lagoon," where the party was to be held.  Finally, I began to decorate the area, adding diving platforms, balloons and an additional two nodes (one of which was donated by a fellow guildmate).  All of this took place over the course of a week and when I was finally finished, I lit up the way with a line of floating lanterns which guild members could follow to access the hidden area.

I've since built a mini jumping puzzle for those without the mastery to obtain access to Doot's Lagoon and have decided to leave the area decorated through the summer.  I've been thinking about hosting a RP event there, which I may do in the coming months.  All-in-all, even though there wasn't alot of people that showed up, I really enjoyed playing in the area with the people that did and look forward to further playing around with object placement in the guild hall.  [note: since this post, I've removed all customizations and decorations at the request of the guild leader]

Also, before the party started, I took the time to place 11 wagons throughout the guild hall, limited to the left side of the map.  I held a contest for attendees of the party to take screenshots with every wagon.  This turned out to be a tremendous success and all those involved simply love it!  I awarded the winner with a pair of shades from the gemstore.  I may well be doing this sort of scavenger hunt type of event in the future. [Click here to reveal all wagon locations]


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Super Adventure Box 2017: Doot's First Time

Quite honestly, the Super Adventure Box never really appealed to me.  I mean, sure I was curious, but I gotta pick and choose my GW2 time wisely!  I sorta saw what it was about in previous years, but since it wasn't completely enticing, I didn't really try to set aside the time to do it.  That changed this year; while this won't be a crazy long post of my analysis of the thing, I didn't want to not post anything about it.

SAB (which I learned stood for Super Adventure Box *slaps forehead* DUH!) had some videos online, and after seeing only a brief amount played, I had the impression the thing was CRAZY hard!  It turns out, this is a 'tribulation mode' specifically designed to be difficult; so needless-to-say, I was really worried about even attempting it.

After much deliberation, I decided to give it a shot; but not without assistance!  A guild mate agreed to pop my virtual SAB cherry.  He was gentile and patient (giggity :P )  But in all seriousness, I genuinely had a fun time playing through the content.  We went through all zones in a couple of play sessions and I really had a blast.  After getting over my initial fears, I found myself humming along with the music and thinking about it the next day at work.  It was all nostalgic from Nintendo days and had a really relaxed and fun atmosphere!

While I'm not entirely sure I could continuously play through multiple times (and on tribulation mode, either!) like some players do, I could totally see myself coming back next year when SAB returns.  Until then, I'll have to make due with listening to the soundtrack for the feels :)

Below you'll find a few screenshots I took during my SAB exploration:

My anxiety really increased when I saw the sheer amount of people hanging out at the SAB entrance in Rata Sum.  I thought this was the actual hub/staging area.  I hadn't even begun: Within the SAB, there's a map that leads to all the zones.  Crazy shenanigans are contained there.  Double the amount of folks!

Upon entering, however, I was greeted with bright colors and sound effects that brought me back to Nintendo days.  Oh yeah, this place just screams, "DOOT!"

So, I sat in every single chest I found.  I don't know why; it was like the chest had an X on it and called to my booty.


"Oh no!  I'm all tied up... Whatever am I to do?  I hope nobody takes advantage of this situation..."

"And then Doot discovered a trampoline & left her guildmate to finish SAB alone...  Some whisper to this day, there's still a little Asura jumping in World 2."

Like seriously, I couldn't stop.  I just kept jumping taking screenshots and giggling.  This went on for about 45 minutes.  Not. Even. Joking.

And then, I discovered another trampoline... and again, wasted 30 minutes:

If they ever make a trampoline guild decoration, I will never leave the Guild Hall.  Like... ever. 

Finally, adventure concluded, I bid farewell to the SAB.  Looking forward to next year!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shiera Soelnarr

Character Name: Shiera Soelnarr

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Profession: Warrior / Berserker / Assistant to her master

Apparent age: 20  Apparent birth year: 1220AE

Hair: Jet-black, free-flowing

Skin: Pale White

Appearance details: Blind, her visor allows her to see shades of red.  Ash-smears run down her cheeks, giving a weeping appearance.  Her eyes are devoid of color and completely dark obsidian orbs.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: The mists give little belief to an afterlife Shiera would even care about.

OOC Intro:
After Heart of Thorns came out and everyone made Revanents with visors covering their eyes, I decided to create a Warrior which appeared like a Rev, but could go Berserker and shatter the illusion.  The initial idea, not withstanding, I dressed Shiera in full Mistward armor, but something happened: rather than a novelty, I actually really started to enjoy the toon.  I began formulating a story at to why she's wearing the eye covering, and instead of using it to further channel her power, it would be a burden she'd have to use: a disability, she's trying to overcome.  This generally became what would determine her actions in RP and furthermore, what I'd think about while playing her.

RolePlay Brief Story:

Shiera opened her eyes slowly.  The darkly lit room glowed a soft green, illuminating a small figure hovering over her.

"Can you hear me?" the voice asked, in the gentleness of a mother's voice.

Shiera tried to blink back the darkness.  "I... I can't see."

The figure placed a visor over the woman's eyes.  "This is to be expected; I calculated as such!  Therefore, I have created this to allow optimal visual acuity, based on your condition."

The woman sat up slightly, her head pounded; the visor helped only slightly: the soft green, replaced by red became more crisp.  "My... condition?"

A small asuran silhouette came into focus.  "Why yes, I used my skills to wench you from the brink.  I brought you back!"

"Back from where?"

The asura, Kievaa, grinned wickedly and wildly. "Back from the Mists!"


The parchment was old within the dilapidated tome.  Shiera peered over her guide's shoulder.  It appeared blank, without any discernible markings detected from her visor.

"It appears you are, indeed, included in Tyria's history.  Although, this is very much further in Tyria's history than one would expect.  It is a relative miracle we were able to find your information in the Priory archives; further still, an absolute miracle the data was kept intact, being this far reaching!"  Nyssa looked up from thick brimmed glasses.  Her guest was a pale armor-clad woman, with very pale skin, Nyssa noted, even for a human.  She stood as still as one of their god’s statues.  Uneasy with the tension, the asura cleared her throat.  “Is there something specific I can tell you, Miss Shiera?”

Shiera slowly nodded, “My last name.  Does it say who I am?”

Nyssa smiled, pleased to give an oral interpretation of the findings.  She began, “Soelnarr.  You come from a noble family that seemingly participated in the founding of Divinity’s Reach…”

“So, you’ve come back to your place of resurrection?  And what action are you to take on me?  Punishment returning your life to you?”  The snarky asura laughed.  “You know who I am by now!  I am Kievaa… the Vile!  I did not get such a title by tip-toeing around despicable acts other asura refused!  I brought you back!  You are my greatest accomplishment!  The proof I can return souls trapped in the Mists to their rightful place among the living!”

“What kind of life is this?” shouted Shiera.  “Part of me is missing!  My life is a pale comparison of who I used to be!”  Shiera paused, considering, then slid off the visor, revealing eyes of blackness.  “ ‘I am your greatest accomplishment’?  If that’s true… then you failed, Kievaa.”

“Failed?  No one can do what I have done!  I will use the data I’ve gathered from your experiment to enact my ultimate goal,” she tapped on the storage cylinder beside her.  “I will bring my companion back from the realms beyond, thanks to such a triumphant experiment!”

Shiera slowly approaching Kievaa, offering her visor.  “I’m the one that can’t see, yet you are too blinded by your feelings to see.  But my sight is not the only thing I am missing; there’s something inside that’s no longer there, and I fear without it, not only will I will never be whole, but your friend can not be restored completely. Do what you set out to do; restore me completely and I will be forever your ‘greatest accomplishment,’” urged Shiera.

Kievaa retrieved the visor staring at it, and after a long pause, sighed.  “I suppose we must ensure you are completely a success before we go on to the real subject.  Perhaps there’s still some piece of your non-corporeal form somewhere within those realms.  We will have to venture forth to find out, however.  That means we shall need one with experience in such matters.”

She paused, glanced at the wall of the lab where a flickering hologram lay on its side, the animated image of four asura sparking to life with every pulse.

“Who are they?” Shiera asked, replacing her eyepiece.

“My old krewe; the colleagues that began this journey with me, and have since abandoned it… Evva, Raynna, Lexxie, and Dott.”

Much is unknown regarding Shiera's childhood. Most of what she's discovered is inconsistent and speculative. She can only recall the briefest of memories of siblings, and what she believes is a house on fire. There's also a bit of centaur hatred she feels, which doesn't contain a memory, but only feelings when dealing with their kind. If the Durmand Priory records are any indication, this may be because her family was one of the founding members of Divinity's Reach, encountering centaur resistance along the journey.

Recent history:
Shiera recently completed a quest to retrieve a 'stone which holds spiritual essence,' that Kievaa orchestrated, to be used in an experiment.  This test was to ensure such a device could be used to actually contain remnants of souls from the fallen from the mists.  It is unknown at this time if the experiment was a success or failure on the necromancer's part, but Kievaa is never undetermined.  Shiera's vested interest in the asura's success will keep her calling Kievaa "master"... for now.

Shiera often doesn't think of her worth as anything other than a warrior or pawn in other's affairs.  She genuinely doesn't care for politics and the like, or even for advancing her own powers, position, or stature.  The only goal thus far has been to obtain information about her past, but after tracking said data (or lack thereof) down, she's hit a very hard dead-end in her investigation.  She's thought about requesting assistance or hiring a researcher to help, but it seems to be a slope she can't overcome until she retrieves the piece of herself she still feels is trapped somewhere in the mists.  To this end, she will do whatever she can to assist the necromancer, Kievaa the Vile, that restored her.

Notable relationships:
Shiera, at the very least, attempts to socialize with others.  She often finds that her lack of social graces causes her to be ostracized.  She attempts to mimic others to overcome this, but it often comes across as superficial and dry.  Appropriate times to laugh or to respond after being asked something are a few social queues she struggles with.  Kievaa is not her friend, but would be the closest thing she has to one.

Favored alcoholic beverage / Favored food:
Along with her depth-perception (visorless), Shiera can no longer taste food or drink, therefore often forgets her body needs such things.  She once passed out in the jungle malnourished and dehydrated.  She was luckily found and brought back to camp, cursing her body's requirements.  Interestingly enough, she's often so not particular about food, that she can eat much her race would generally not be able to stomach.  She's inadvertently gained praise from Charr who dared the black-haired stranger to eat 20 Ghost Pepper Poppers.

Favored weather or season: As her skin is always chilling to the touch, Shiera really doesn't get cold in the winter time, but appreciates the darkness that usually comes on those winter nights.  This causes the images the images her visor produces to gain extra clarity, and she can literally see the whisking wind currents as colors in the sky.  It's one of the few times she doesn't see the world with red auras.

Favored color: Since she literally sees the world as tents red, Shiera often picks dark colors along with the contrast of red (which resembles white to her).  Once she had the slightest memory of being a little girl and liking the color purple, but the memory was fleeting and hard to grasp.

I do plan to take some additional pictures and insert them into the story, but I gotta journey to get to the locations first ;)

Shiera Soelnarr Picture Gallery

(link to Google Album)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cassidy Clementine

Character Name: Cassidy Clementine

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Profession: Engineer / Scrapper / Bounty Hunter

Apparent age: 22

Hair: Usually pulled up, almost always hurried and untidy; Golden Brown

Skin: Light

Appearance details: Cassidy wears glasses, and mostly leather.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: "Whatever it takes to get the job done."

OOC Intro:
I had an idea after seeing a new hairstyle enter the game, and after I got some eye glasses that I knew would look amazing together.  Since I only had one other human character on my account, Cassidy Clementine came to be.  There's only a few characters I've made that had their final look almost entirely conceived before I created them.  After playing her for a while, I was completely enthralled.  I decided to post this character sooner, rather than later, since I've already had a running idea of her back-story and her current progression.

RolePlay Brief Story:

“Mah father - the one that raised me - was an honest man.  Was his honesty that kept people comin’ by to git such good deals.”  Cassidy paused, staring at the cloudiness of her liqueur.  She looked up at the gentleman across the table and continued, “It's due ta his good nature that he wasn’t armed when those damned bandits showed up…”

A clicking from her revolver’s hammer could be heard ever so slightly in the busy tavern.  Her table companion froze.

“As much of a pleasurable experience it would be for me to end ya - and the damned smugglin’ outfit ya got goin’ on, I reckon I shouldn't be all personal like - even if it is the bandits ya give’n’ the weapons to.  See, I may have a personal grudge against ya’ll, but I also got me a reputation to uphold.  And, I’ve done been taught by experience that them’s opinion is worth it’s weight… so to speak.”

The man glanced around, seeing Seraph now where patrons once were.  Beads of sweat rolled down his face from the sudden panic.

Cassidy grinned, “Go ahead and try; I want ya to.  I’d save face and still git ya bounty. Best of both worlds, no doubt!”

Weighing his options, the man slowly stood, hands on head.  The Seraph quickly surrounded him and began escorting him out.  The squad captain stood over Cassidy.

“I’ll be by to be collectin’ mah earnin’s shortly.”  She holstered her pistol under the table, leaned back and downed her drink as the remaining Seraph and captain funneled out of the bar. Cassidy smiled, shut her eyes and lingered in the moment.

“Your father would be proud,” came a voice across the table, where the man had been.

Unaccustomed to being waylaid, Cassidy quickly sat up, stumbling to draw her weapon.

The Norn woman shook her head.  “That won’t be necessary,” she said calmly, “Besides, if you kill me, who would take you to see your father?”

“What’d ya know ‘bout it, stranger?  Mah father’s dead; gutted like tha fish he used ta catch by those bandit butchers!”

The woman leaned forward to grab Cassidy’s unwavering attention.  “I meant your birth father...”

Cassidy grew up in a small fishing village on the outskirts of Kryta.  She always felt her calling was outside the norm, and would often stray too far, longing to travel.  She found out her birth parents were involved with the Order of Whispers, and set out to join the Order, herself. During this time, she met Rodia Raventear, and fell under her leadership with missions to assist the Order of Whispers' efforts against Zaithan.

Recent history:
Though the Order of Whispers provided Cassidy opportunity, she soon found herself separating from the organization after a mission caused the death of a comrade.  No ill will toward the organization, Cassidy used the training she had received, as well as her innate tracking ability to serve as a bounty hunter.  Making no pretense about why she does what she does, Cassidy Clementine has earned a name for herself as an adept person hunter.  If you catch wind of her tracking you, it's likely she's almost got you.

Cassidy has a thick accent, giving away her small town origins, to those that know it.  She has a very 'whatever it takes' attitude when she has a goal.  Generally, there's a moral code she won't cross, but those who've been entrapped by her most likely wouldn't know.  She has been a chameleon at times to get what she's after and some of those times have had her do things most wouldn't.

Notable relationships:
While she's definitely flirtatious, she's had no known long-term relationships of note.  She's had friends that have come and gone, but Cassidy has never attempted to hold onto those in her life.  For the most part, she's been alone - aside from the occasional romp with her target (all for the mission, mind you!)

Favored alcoholic beverage:
Cassidy will drink anything from leftover swill to top-shelf Elonian wine.  However, Special Reserve Blood Whiskey would be of great interest to her, if it's available; this reminds her of a special mission she had with some pirates, where she really enjoyed herself (and the captain!).

Favored food: Anything roasted, fried and otherwise no longer living.  Fish hold a very special place in her heart, given her past.  There's not a time she doesn't pass by a fishing market or a fish fry and think of home.

Favored weather or season: Summer and Fall tends to be her favorite times of year.  Although lately, she's actually enjoyed a few Wintersday festivities in Divinity's Reach (which is something that never caught her attention.)

Favored color: Red/Black/Yellow

Cassidy Clementine Picture Gallery

(link to Google Album)

Monday, January 2, 2017

A Very Merry UnBirthday-UnChristmas-UnNewyears to DOOT!

I log in to start collecting wood, cause EVENTUALLY (and by that, I mean like maybe in two years) I'll be able to get a coveted "Permanent Hair Stylist Contract," which will allow any character on my account the ability to change their hairstyles on a whim.  I've pined for this thing since it came out.  For an alt-o-holic like me, it's the most amazing thing in the game.  Sure, there are pretty staffs and legendary weapons and such, but this thing... this thing is a Fashion Wars dream come true.  It's not available to buy in the gem-store, and it's a crazy-rare drop from opening Black Lion chests.  My only course of obtaining one of these was to spend something like $250 USD or save up gold in-game.  This also meant not spending any in-game gold.  That really sucks when there's pretty weapons that match your character perfectly that have a limited time lower price tag.  After a few weeks, their price skyrockets, so it's really difficult to NOT buy them, even when they're PERFECT for a certain look you have on a character.  At first, before I was seriously saving, I would fall into the pit of buying one or two, which set me back alot, and so much further away from obtaining the Perm Hair Contract.

But, then there came a point where I decided to actively save specifically for this item. Unfortunately, time from being a mom and wife and a full time job really stopped me from collecting mass amounts of gold.  Then, there's the knowledge factor: I wouldn't really spend time on researching what was on and selling, or where to obtain gold from, what people were doing to get gold, etc...  A guildmate of mine was kind enough to show me a few tricks on logging in every day to collect certain materials and that helped tremendously.  Still, I wasn't doing so hot with my income to playtime ratio, and I fell back into the rut of just playing the game and not worrying about the amount of income I was making.  This is good for me, since GW2 is really an escape from reality / RL problems.  But still, that damn holy grail kept calling me.

I recently attempted a (somewhat exploit in the game's mechanics) where you jump from one instance of the map to another, looting a successful meta-event each time.  This can earn you tons of gold, and I'm really thankful to another guildy for showing this to me.  However, it does take alot of concentration, and with a little one constantly interrupting the process, it would make it extremely difficult to continue.  Furthermore, I do believe the developers will soon patch this method, since the rewards weren't initially meant to be collected this way.

Which brings me to today:  I logged on, expecting to do a few hours of collecting/gathering working towards my goal.  I was immediately bombarded by guildmates asking me to come to the guild, if I could meet them, etc...  This came just as I decided to try out a new run to get additional gold.  Kinda frustrating cause I was in an area I didn't know that well, while having multiple conversations about getting me to do stuffs :)  Ah, the delimas of being a Doot. :P  I kept telling everyone I was trying to finish up a gathering run.  Suddenly, guildchat broke out into a tug-of-war for who my time was to be devoted to first.  LOLs.  These guys...

SO, I finish my run and decide to try to meet the first people that messaged me at the guild hall, then go off to everyone else from there.  Because I was so distracted with chat, PMs & my son, i didn't even look at my friend's list to see where everyone was.  I just know I was going to the GH as my first stop.  When I get there, everyone's encircling poor little Doot here, and I immediately ask, "Is this an intervention?"

I received a mail message, clicked on it and everyone started jumping around like crazy people!  The message read:

(had to take a pic from the Trading Post, cause I forgot to get one during the surprise)
I was... I am.... Speechless.  I must have sat there for like 10 minutes without saying a thing.  I don't even know what was said.  I think I read someone saying, "I think we broke her..."  I was completely shocked, surprised, dumbfounded, amazed, scared, nervous, excited (just to name a few)!  My first instincts were to send it back, gracefully say no thanks, etc...  However, this was something that alot of people put their time, money and sincerity into.  I sat there trying to think of what to say, how to express how unbelievable of a gift this was to me.  I still don't think I expressed myself.  I was truly in shock and awe.  To have this much love being projected at you from people you love, and such an unfathomable gift was something I've very rarely experienced.  I immediately started weeping.  I know... I know... but, truly such sincerity and love just totally overwhelmed me.  (I'm even tearing up writing this.)

Anyway, I believe Urel snapped me out of it when he told me to "TRY THE DAMNED THING OUT!"  I'd had the mail still opened without clicking "Take" yet.  LOL.  Like I said, I was shocked.  I did so, and bound it to my account.
Such a little thing brings hours and hours and beyond of fun!
I immediately ran to a spot in the guild hall and began testing out my new toy, while everyone cheered me on.  Felt like I was really at a quinceanera, so I put on my cute dress and proceeded to dance and play with hair styles.  It's now 4 hours later and I'm still only 1/3 way through my characters playing with different looks.

I can't possibly express how wonderfully incredible you guys are!  Urel, Harper, Yeshua, Alex: I'll never forget this amazing experience!  I love you guys.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wintersday 2016 Festivities: A few screenshots

Wintersday has come and gone.  Fond memories and adventures have been had.  Bye bye 2016!

So, I decided to dedicate a sole character for Wintersday festivities this year.  In the past, I've made almost ever character have a wardrobe change with a Christmas theme, but this year, I decided that was a bit too much work.  I found a really pretty look with my human character and went with it for the season.  While not particularly inventive (it is just an outfit) I really enjoy the way it turned out.

Then there's always the Santa look-alike contest I secretly have.  I settled on this Norn because the furry garder-belt style pants made me giggle.  I sent him a present accordingly.

Runner up / special mention in my little hidden contest were these two.  They're dressed in traditional red/white, but what struck a cord with me is I can imagine this is how a Santa just may look in GW2, if not fat, jolly and traditional like the picture above.  I complimented them both on their really cute matching outfits and it really did get me into the giving mood.  Both their prizes were well deserved!

And with that, another year closing and another Wintersday ending.  Enjoyed every moment of it this year!  Let's see what 2017 brings...

Then I did a makeover on my Wintersday character and took the following follow-up shots:

Friday, November 18, 2016

Anomalies... Anomalies, Everywhere!

First, a brief summary of the events that have, thus, been observed and not yet reported.  I confess, I must quickly enter these findings for fear that I am not in my right mind to do so in the very near future...

While a recent endeavor took my krewe forth on a few perilous Fractals experiences, I began seeing - on multiple occasions - a disturbance which could only be described as an Anomaly.  These beings have plagued recent adventures, but usually as enemies which are dispatched.  This became apparent during our last romp through the Chaos Fractal, where a rather nasty champion creature attempted to send us to the mists.

This, got my curiosity juices flowing, compounded by the fact the Anomaly appeared again while alone in our Guild Hall.  Fascinated (not startled, at all!) I watched the creature appear to hunch over, as if saddened, then dissipate!  I, being of scientific sound mind, approached the site rather cautiously and scanned the area to determine if residue or plasma could be obtained for further study.  None, however, was found.

Gathering of more information was required, and what better place to gather unfiltered (albeit uneducated) accounts, than to speak with residents and Lion Guard in Lion's Arch.

As expected, this yielded no promising results from booka, however, I did run into a fellow Asura named Maezz, who indeed, did have quite a wealth of knowledge on the phenomenon that plagued me.  It truly prompts me to wonder just how much knowledge the consortium has on such event, and this particular tradesman seemed a bit... unscrupulous.  If memory serves, I once purchased a bottle of krait oil from this vendor, and was nauseated instantly after consumption.  After thanking him for his time, I walked away wondering just how trustworthy a consortium member's information could be.

An epiphany occurred when I realized what I should have done from the beginning: I should go to a legitimate source of information, the Durmand Priory archives.

I must admit, rather than filled with excitement, I found myself wading the the pools of despair - such unsubstantiated diagnosis that I am, indeed, loosing my mind.  And such a thing is probably my most cherished possession, other than my brilliant menagerie of animal friends, mind you!

After much exhaustive research on the subject, I was about to retire, when I came across something interesting!  Only recently has there been documented reports of other Tyrians experiencing the same phenomena, and it seems the commonality in all these cases is contact with high concentrations and overflow of magic!  My mind was reeling!  I've been having these visions since my time at Bloodstone Fen... The explosion must have done something to me; exposed me to an extreme amount of magical energy!

I needed more information!  Exiting the library, I ran into Historian Tranton who has seemingly been working with others to cleanse this "magic overflow sickness."  He explained to me that using a device called a "Shadowstone" would cleanse me of such.  It is believed to have that Shadowstones amplified Seer's magical abilities during during the creation of the Bloodstones, and that it can be used to cleanse me of the affliction!  While I could have continued onward with Tradesman Maezz, the Asura who has already made empty-promise-potions, I chose to allow Tranton to perform the cleansing ritual and use the Shadowstone on me.  I have always allied myself with the Priory, and I hope to one day add my bestiary tomes to their library.

What happened next is something I can't quite describe...  For only a fraction of a moment... I could see.  I mean REALLY see.  I saw... Well, I am not exactly certain what I saw.  Everything and nothing?  The Eternal Alchemy?  Beyond the mists?  I am... I am completely at a loss for describing those brief moments.  But what I can say is that in that moment, I was what I had been seeing: I was an Anomaly!

And then it was gone.

Even now I struggle with understanding the exact accounting of what transpired.  I hope these events will, indeed, correct my affliction as advertised.  However, I do find myself thinking of the experience in terms of... not an affliction, but rather, somehow... A gift.

I suppose only time will tell.